February 2, 2011.



The first photo was taken in 1985 and shows the Montalbino crypt with the name engraved. By 1987, when we visited, this crypt had been sold by our cousin and that end of the cemetery remodeled. The name was moved inside and placed on the wall over a grate that opened to the room underneath. This room contained three metal boxes that contained the remains of Nazareno, Francesca and Seletta. Louis died in Savignano in 1922 and was buried there until he was moved to Brooklyn. The last picture is how it looked in 2007. Son Marc and I are standing by the door. There is no Montalbino sign inside. Somewhere I have pictures of the 1987 visit I will try and find.

The pictures below are from the cemetery. The road leads to the cemetery and contains the 12 stations of the cross. The man standing by the grave of his father is a friend and also the interpreter for our 2007 and 2008 visit.