Updated February 13, 2011.

Naples to New York

February 11, 2011. FIRE AT SEA. Prinzess Irene.

February 13, 2011. STEERAGE

Luigi Montalbino SS India April 16, 1890

Luigi and Vincenzo August 12 - September 2, 1899. Hesperia.

Pompeo May 21, 1900 - June 12, 1900. Gran Antilla. Built in 1883 and named Stewart King. Sold in 1884 and renamed Hernan Cortes. Sold in 1892 and renamed Gran Antilla. One voyage to New York from Naples in 1900. Wrecked in 1900. Gran Antilla carried a total of 1,373 Passengers.

Vincenzo October 28, 1904. Prinzess Irene.
Prinzess Irene launched on 19 June 1900 by Aktiengesellschaft Vulkan, Stettin, Germany for North German Lloyd Lines. Length: 564'. Beam: 62'2". Draft: 28'6". Speed: 16 knots. About 2000 passengers.

Pompeo September 29, 1905 - October 12, 1905. Konigin Luise
The Konigin Luise is a sister ship to the Prinzess Irene.

Frederico and Giuseppe April 20, 1909 - May 14, 1909. SS Sannio

A 9,203 gross ton passenger ship, length 470ft x beam 56.8 ft, one funnel, four masts, twin screw, and a speed of 13 knots. Accommodation for 70-1st and 2,200-3rd class passengers. Built by Palmers Co Ltd, Jarrow-on-Tyne, she was launched on 21st Oct.1899 as the BRITISH PRINCE for British Shipowners Ltd and sailed for the Phoenix Line between Antwerp and New York as a cargo ship. Sold to the Italian owned Navigazione Generale Italiana in 1906 and renamed SANNIO, she was fitted with passenger accommodation and started her first Genoa - Naples - Palermo - New York voyage on 31st May 1906. Her last sailing on this service started on 1st Apr.1911.